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Buy LED Bulbs, LED Panels, LED Tubelights,Down lights Avatar
Buy LED Bulbs, LED Panels, LED Tubelights,Down lights
Created by eurthled on Sep, 14 2017 with 1 Members

Eurth Techtronics Pvt Ltd(EURTH) is a manufacturing company specialized in Electronics Manufacturing Service, LED lightings and clean energy saving services./>

Madonna Sues Over the Auction of Her Underwear Avatar
Madonna Sues Over the Auction of Her Underwear
Created by rdttgr5678 on Sep, 6 2017 with 1 Members

Madonna‘s http://www.bitittan.com/ are in a bunch over the fact that her underwear went up on the auction block, and now she’s hoping that a judge will bang the gavel in her favor in a newly filed lawsuit. The “Like a Virgin” singer has filed a http://www.pupms.com/ against Gotta Have It! Collectibles, her former associate Darlene Lutz and others over the auction of her underwear and other personal items, saying that the items were wrongfully taken from her. “This is an action for conversion and related causes of action arising out of Defendants’ wrongful taking of Plaintiff’s property, valuable memorabilia and highly personal items that Plaintiff’s former friend and art consultant, Darlene Lutz, and one or more John Doe Defendants consigned for sale at http://www.suitunderwear.com/ auction to GHI and GHRR.com despite the fact that the memorabilia is not Defendant Lutz’s or any of the John Doe Defendants’ to sell,” the lawsuit, filed in New York Supreme Court on Tuesday, reads. “After having been provided an opportunity to return Plaintiff’s property and cease its public sale, Named Defendants refused and proceeded with the sale of many pieces of Plaintiff’s property in complete disregard of Plaintiff’s rights and the harm wrought upon the public who purchased Plaintiff’s property without obtaining good and marketable title. Additionally, Named Defendants have expressed their intent to auction additional property that belongs to Plaintiff.”

How The Smart Suit Concept Began Avatar
How The Smart Suit Concept Began
Created by rdttgr5678 on Sep, 6 2017 with 1 Members

The singer obtained a court order preventing the http://www.wholesale-halloweencostumes.com/ of certain items in July. However, the suit says, “the Auction proceeded and items of http://www.swimwear-manufacturers.com/ that were not subject to the Court’s July 18 Order were purportedly sold.” After the court issued the order in July, a spokesperson for Lutz and the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction http://www.wholesale-swimwear.com/ house told TheWrap that Madonna‘s legal action was “completely baseless and meritless.” “Madonna and her legal army have taken what we believe to be a completely baseless and meritless action to temporarily halt the sale of Ms. Lutz’s legal property. We believe that her intent is nothing more than to besmirch the good reputations of the auction house and Ms. Lutz,” the spokesperson said in a statement at the time. “Madonna‘s allegations will be vigorously challenged and refuted in a court of law in due course. We are confident that the Madonna memorabilia will be back listed in a future Gotta Have Rock and Roll online auction once the legal proceeding is concluded.”

Online Education Avatar
Online Education
Created by Dharmatj on Jun, 5 2017 with 2 Members

We are going to Update Trending and technologies Educational updates

Apple Customer Service Number Avatar
Apple Customer Service Number
Created by brendonjames0707 on May, 31 2017 with 4 Members

Contact Apple Support Team if you are facing technical issues with your Apple products. Our tech support services includes iTunes store, iOS app store, mac app store, Apple music and iCloud online storage. Apple Customer Service experts are available 24x7 to help you, just call @1-877-910-4312.

QuickBooks Support Phone Number Avatar
QuickBooks Support Phone Number
Created by quickbookssupport on Mar, 30 2017 with 3 Members

QuickBooks is the accounting software helps to organize your business. It is used to keep track the financial transactions made by the companies across the globe. Over a period of time, the software may face some technical issues, then you need technical support for such issues. We offer technical support at reasonable prices, just make a call @1-800-518-1838 and our experts will help you out.

PC WorldTech Avatar
PC WorldTech
Created by pcworldtech on Mar, 14 2017 with 4 Members

Pcworldtech is a reliable and trustworthy technical support company provides all kinds of technical support services remotely. It has a team of certified professionals who makes help you and fix any kind of issue related to your computer within no time.

Web Design Service Avatar
Web Design Service
Created by ImranH on Mar, 12 2017 with 4 Members

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